Today,I went to Aquarium,World of Coca-Cola and Underground Atlanta.

I'm so tired but I'm sofunny and happy too.

The ticket price of Aquarium......22.75$

In there,they have 6 zones are........

: Coldwater Quest

: River Scout

: Georgia Explorer

: Ocean Voyager

: Tropical Diver

They have many marine animals and you know,

we can touch them in Georgia Expiorer zone too.

But they have rules are......

: If you are sensitive to shellfish,please avoid touching the animals.

: Please do not pick up or remove the animals from the water.

: Please touch the animals gently using only two fingers.

: Animals have a 15 minute break from touching each hour.

I think that's good for them ^ ^



Today,I walked,I ate,I took photos and I got tired.

But I got happy too. ^ ^ ^ ^




For World of Coca-Cola and Underground Atlanta.

I will write that later na ka.

See ya.....

: Deepo's 3D Womdershow

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เจ๊ นุ่น ถ่ายรุปยังไงแล้ว........


#6 by Tong At 2006-09-28 23:28,
thanks for your comment na ka
#5 by dekjang At 2006-09-26 07:14,
Good to see you happy~
I want to go for travel too!!
Feel so stress from my job T_T
Miss u~
#4 by aMy ^^ At 2006-09-25 15:31,


#3 by ๏~ G♥J ~๏ At 2006-09-25 13:22,
May i go with you too ? ie ie
pls take care of yourself na ka
#2 by dekjang At 2006-09-25 12:49,
Hey, you look so happy in those photos

I love the Nemo ja
Have a great time ja.
#1 by namwarn At 2006-09-25 10:41,